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Joie de vivre Un petit pièce du plaisir C'est le chocolat qui fait la vie

odavide choco pecan dates
Choco Pecan
From:  39,95
Odavide Choco Salty Peanut Dates Single
Choco Salty Peanut
From:  39,95
odavide choco crunchy hazel dates
Choco Crunchy Hazel
From:  39,95
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Odavide premium & handpicked dates

Our premium OdaviDelicious® dates, are of the highest quality. We travel the world to find the most healthy and tasty ingredients. Our dates come from dedicated farms and were hand picked. Our pastry chefs work day and night and only work with the very best products to bring you the most decadent flavors. The result? An inimitable taste and flavor profile. Gourmet level, you need to try it to believe it.

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Delight in every bite

All OdaviDelicious® dates and chocolates are hand made.
Celebrate top quality dates, a real superfood, with a filling to indulge. The better guilty pleasure. Exclusive and luxurious. Indulge a true delight.