About us

Our history

In the 1980’s, our founder found a recipe in his mother’s kitchen for a combination of exquisitely tasting dates and caramelized nuts. This was the inspiration for our ‘Classic’ filled dates.

Today we are all about creating the most mouth-watering flavor profiles, for you to enjoy. We hope you will fall in love with the divine tastes and indulge our luxurious gourmet products. We celebrate top quality dates, a real superfood, with a majestic stuffing. At Odavide we only work with the finest premium products. We hope we bring a smile to your day with this OdaviDelicious® better guilty pleasure.

odavide luxury giftboxes


Odavide has grown into a global premium brand. We create the best of the best gourmet experience. We are dedicated to;

We observe strict corporate governance regulations and are dedicated to bring the rich history of premium dates to the world.