Privacy statement

Odavide are happy to have you as our customer and want you to know that your personal information is in safe hands with us. We are very careful when it comes to this sensitive information and aim to be as transparent as possible. Below, you can read all about how your personal information is used. If you have any questions or wish to know which information we use, please contact Odavide using the information below this statement.

Your information

We need information from you based on legitimate interest. This sounds fancy, but is actually pretty simple. We’re a webshop that sells dates and chocolates. This is why we use direct marketing. We also need information from you in order to successfully deliver your order to you. This information is used to carry out the purchase agreement we make with you when you place an order with us. Our Terms and Conditions are applicable on all our transactions. In order to stay in contact with you regarding our service and assortment, we then ask for information from you after you’ve placed your order, in the hopes that you will return to Odavide.

We can process the following information:

Your personal information is stored for our own use only and is never shared with third parties for commercial purposes without your permission.

Our newsletter

We send our regular newsletters. We add you to our list of subscribers only with your permission. We use the newsletter to offer news, tips and information on our products and services. We use your email address for this, and store this information until you cancel your subscription. Your subscription to the newsletter can be cancelled at any moment, free of charge. Each newsletter features an unsubscribe link.

When you contact us

You can contact us with questions or requests through phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and email. We use your email address, name and any other information you share with us during your contact with us in order to contact you. We do so in order to process your contact request, due to the agreement we have entered or will be entering into with you. We store this information until you state that you wish for the information to be deleted. This allows us to review the information when you next contact us. Telephone conversation recordings are automatically deleted after 3 months, unless we have a legal obligation to store a conversation for a longer period. We use these recordings only to improve our customer service.

Recruitment and selection of new staff

You can apply for a job with us. If you do so, we collect your name- and address details, gender, date of birth, place of birth, contact details, CV, the contents of your motivation letter and any other information you provide regarding for example motivation, salary indication. We process this information in order to take care of your application process and, if you do come to work with us, to put into place the employment contract.

Your application details are stored for a maximum of 6 weeks after the position has been filled. We store these details in order to be able to contact you in case the position becomes free once more after the trial period. If we are unable to offer a position, but expect to offer a suitable position in the near future, we can store your application details for up to a year longer, with your permission. You can decide to have the information deleted at any time by sending us an email.

If you come to work with us, we store your application details in your personnel file. This file is stored for as long as is necessary. We offer more information on this in our internal privacy statement for employees.

Third parties

Your personal details are stored in a secured database. Our hosting party has the required certificates to guarantee the safe storage of your information, so there’s nothing to worry about. In some cases, we share your personal information with the following partners:

We do this because:

We work only with companies that meet the European privacy laws, whether they are based in Europe or not.

We do not share your personal information with third parties, with the exception of the above parties, unless we are legally required to do so (for example if the police demands this if they suspect a crime has been committed).


We feel that it is important for your personal information to be safely secured with us. All information you share with us is stored in our database using a secured SSL connection. This means that only a select few have access to this information. Those who have no business accessing your information, cannot do so. We promise to use the information internally only and never share this with third parties for commercial or other purposes without your permission or legal requirement.

Changes to this privacy statement

If our webshop changes, this means we have to update our privacy statement. Always check the date below and if there are new versions available. We will do our best to notify you of any changes. The latest privacy statement is applicable and accepted by you when you continue using our site, after the made changes.

Viewing, editing and deleting your information

If you have any questions or wish to know which information we have on you, you can always contact us. You are in charge of your own information, which means you have the following rights:

If you contact us, we can ask you to identify yourself by sending a valid ID, to make sure that you are the person to whom the personal information belongs.

We will do our best to meet your request within 30 days. This period may be extended if your request is complex. If we extend this period, we will of course notify you immediately.

Filing a complaint

If you feel that we are not assisting you correctly, we would love to be the first to know. Please contact our customer service, so that we can assist you. If we can’t resolve the issue together, you always have the right to contact the data protection authority.

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This privacy statement was last modified on: 14 april 2022